Daniel Gilford, PhD

Daniel applies his climate science expertise to answer the question, “How do climate variability and change affect coastal communities?”

I am a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Rutgers University and a part-time Sea-level Scientist at Climate Central. I am specifically interested in how climate variability and change can affect the well-being of coastal communities through climate hazards such as hurricanes and sea level change. I hold a Doctorate in Atmospheric Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2018), and a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from the Florida State University (2012).

You can contact me with the email link on the sidebar, and follow me on Twitter, @danielgilford, where I often discuss weather, climate, and science communication.

I am interested in science communication and a variety of earth system topics. These interests include the future of ice-sheets and their contributions to sea-level rise, how geological evidence can inform our projections of future sea level change, the thermal structure of the tropopause region and its implications for the climate system, and links between the middle atmosphere and tropical cyclone intensities. I’m also interested in coastal risk management and adaptation, and environmental policy.

This website is updated periodically (last updated February 2021).
Header Image credit: NCEI (Hurricane Harvey, August 2017)