Featured in the AMS Oral History Project (2018)

Oral History Project Archives—Daniel Gilford (thanks so much to Jinny Nathans from the AMS!)

Featured in MIT Spectrum Winter Issue (2018)

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The Outstanding Student Presentation Award (2018)

Outstanding at AGU 2017, by Helen Hill (EAPS News)

Short-lived Greenhouse Gases & Sea Level Rise (2017)

Sea Level Rise: Slow But Inexorable, by Eric Betz (Named #18 of the Top 100 Scientific Stories of 2017 by Discovery Magazine)

Methane may not last long in the atmosphere — but it drives sea level rise for centuries, by Chelsea Harvey (Washington Post)

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Science Policy on Capitol Hill (2015)

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Climate Science During IAP (2014-2015)

Tackling global change during IAP, by Audrey Resutek (MIT News)

The dark and stormy side of science-policy mixology (MIT News)

Hollings Scholarship (2010)

FSU Student Profile—Daniel Gilford, by Zilpha Underwood (FSU Profiles)

Meteorology Students win prestigious Hollings Scholarships (FSU News)