About / CV

I am a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Rutgers University. At Rutgers I explore sea-level projections, structural and parametric uncertainties in glaciological and atmospheric processes, and observational constraints.

My first interests in weather and climate developed when I experience the intensity of Hurricane Jeanne in 2004 (listen to my interview about this experience for the AMS Oral History Project). I received my Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology from the Florida State University in 2012. At FSU as an undergraduate research assistant at the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, I worked directly with Assistant State Climatologist, performed quality control on shipboard data, and researched the climatic impacts of the El Niño Southern Oscillation on Southeastern US temperatures.

I attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2012-2018. Advised by Prof. Susan Solomon, I successfully defended my doctoral thesis entitled “The Tropopause Region Thermal Structure and Tropical Cyclones” in December 2017 and graduated with my PhD in February 2018.

During my doctoral studies, I investigated the variability of water vapor and ozone in the tropical tropopause layer, and its radiative impacts. I considered how these radiative effects alter the temperatures of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere, and the interplay between these temperatures and aspects of the climate system such as atmospheric stability and the strength of tropical cyclones. I am generally interested in how long-term changes in lower stratospheric water vapor affect the climate system through radiative feedbacks. It is fascinating to explore how lower stratospheric ozone and water vapor have changed in the past and will evolve in the future.

Other research interests include the impacts of climate change–such as increases in human heat stress and coastal risks–as well as the role that the policy process plays in addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

A 1-page version of my academic CV can be found here (updated April 2019); a full length CV is available upon request.

Beyond science, I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, attending church and being involved in my community, and playing/watching online games and board games.